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Take a moment to read through some kind words from past clients

My labour was very tough and very long and I know that I wouldn't be able to handle it as well as I did without Stephanie by my side. She was there every step of the way, suggesting many different positions, and was always encouraging and comforting. I was impressed with her endurance and dedication to make my labour and birth as best as possible. She was also very helpful after birth, providing different resources when I needed them the most. You won't know the importance of a doula until you have one and I most definitely recommend Stephanie. Thanks for everything!    

 ~ Mia & Camillo

I was connected with Stephanie through a doula pro bono program, at a time when I really needed some support with my pregnancy and eventual labour. In our meetings together Stephanie was very professional, caring, knowlegeble, and understanding. She took time to meet my support persons and share her knowledge with them. As my pregnancy continued it turned out that my baby was breech and most likely would not be able to be delivered naturally. Stephanie continued to support me and help me put together a birth plan in which I felt comfortable with. In the end it turned out that I had to have a cesarean, but Stephanie was at the hospital immediately after the delivery to help me with breast feeding as well as to meet my daughter. I would recomend Stephanie 100%, she exemplfies the qualities of a doula that all people are looking for and I believe everybody would be happy with her services.

~ Lisa

We had Stephanie as our birth Doula for our son born this Feb. I'm so glad we hired her, she was full of resources for us in pregnancy and for planning our birth and has such a calm and supportive character. We planned a home water birth and she spent the whole night with us and the next day at the hospital when we ended up having to have a c-section. Though it wasn't what I planned, I'm confident that it was the right decision. It helped to have Stephanie there to talk to about it. She was there with different techniques and support through the whole thing. It was great to have the post partum support too. I highly recommend Stephanie as a birth Doula. You won't regret having the professional support from her as she can support you and your partner and you can just focus on being in the moment.
~Christa & Rob

I had a long and not-so-smooth labour and Stephanie was there every step of the way! She was well prepared at our first meeting, presenting herself well with a lot of useful material. She was very diligent in checking in with me near my due date and kept me informed with backup doula info when she needed to attend to another birth near my expected due date. She is very calm, supportive and patient. She also has a great talent for taking photos!
~Caroline & Rick

When I found out I was pregnant my husband and I decided to look into getting the help of a doula. We were fortunate to have been matched by the service with Stephanie. From our first visit with Stephanie we knew she was a perfect match. Stephanie is very calm, informative and encouraging. We had some great conversations and meetings prior to my delivery. I messaged Stephanie on several occasions and always received a prompt response. It was very comforting to always know someone was there to check in with. During my delivery Stephanie was very motivating, calm and supportive, we don't think we could have managed so smoothly without her. Thanks Stephanie for everything even the postpartum support!

~ Bobby & Sonny

My doula was fantastic! Showing me different methods to ease my labour such as breathing strategies and just overall being a great support in making sure I was comfortable and everything went the way I wished. I had a very smooth delivery, could not have been better! Thank you.

~ Melissa & Mike

We very much enjoyed having Stephanie as our doula for the birth of our first baby. Stephanie made herself available for any questions we had and if she didn't have the answer, was willing to do the research to help us out. Her prenatal visits were informative, enjoyable and we felt that she really understood what we wanted in our birth planning. As with all good plans, they don't always work out, and we ended up with an "urgent" c-section, but Stephanie was immediately available at midnight to be with us at the hospital to share in the arrival of our baby girl. In the postpartum period, she's been helpful with our new parent questions and will continue to be a source of information. We hope you enjoy working with Stephanie as much as we did!

~ Joanne & Walter

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