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Prenatal Classes

Take time to build your relationship with your partner and learn skills for navigating birth - mind, body & spirit!


12 Hour Group Classes

These classes designed for pregnant couples offer so much more than a basic prenatal class - by the end of this series, couples feel connected, excited and truly ready for birth. My main goal with these sessions is to find that beautiful balance between the scientific, straightforward knowledge that is important for understanding what is going on, with the mental and emotional tools that are absolutely vital for navigating the birth process. Birth is not a detached physical event - learning to manage how you are feeling and working on an emotional level can make all the difference in having an incredible birth experience!


In this class, you will have a chance to learn more about your own body, your options, and how birth works in a class that is safe, supportive and full of beauty. Over the course of the series, both partners will have a chance to create real tools to use in birth and the rest of your life which address not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well, to truly prepare you for your transition to parenthood with all its unexpected bumps and hurdles. Honour the process, create community, and take special time to develop a genuine, deep and meaningful bond with your partner that will serve you both in all things. If you are looking to be fully present at your birth, and intentionally birth your baby in love, these classes are for you!

Over 12 hours, you will:

  • Discuss your childbirth choices

  • Learn about stages of labour, and what to expect in a positive way

  • Learn and practice a variety of comfort measures

  • Work with mindfulness tools to keep you calm and centered no matter what happens

  • Understand the hormones of birth and how to promote them

  • Celebrate your journey into parenthood

  • Deeply connect as partners

  • Explore your emotions around birth and release your fears

  • Prepare for parenthood and newborn care

In addition to all this you will receive a wonderful gift bag and deals on local resources that may be of interest to you.


Investment: $250/couple 

3 Hour Basic Prenatal Classes

Originally created to fill a request from a local midwifery clinic, these classes are a great basic foundational piece for your birth preparation. We cover the main things most parents are wanting to know:


-stages of labour & hormones

-comfort measures & surge timing 

-when to call the midwife or head to the hospital

-roles in birth

-how to plan for the birth you want and begin your birth prep

This class takes 3 hours, and is currently being done via zoom. 


Investment: pay what you can (suggested $50)


"My husband and I took Stephanie's Birth Journey class in December 2015. The class had been highly recommended to us by our midwives, who knew that we were looking for more than just a basic, medical view of childbirth. Her class, of course, covers all the medical information about labour, birth, and breastfeeding that we needed as first-time parents, but it also contains what no other class offers: consideration of the emotional and spiritual experience of childbirth. Her class gave us the space to explore our hopes and concerns about what our journey in becoming parents might include, and to release those unnecessary worries beforehand so that we could both trust ourselves, and each other. She empowered us not only with knowledge but also with plenty of positive examples of what labour might look like, and many tools for coping with the physical experience by utilizing our bond to each other. When I was in labour over a month later, I relied on what Stephanie's class had taught us and it enabled me to trust my body and the process. The birth of our child was truly beautiful and sacred, and I will forever be grateful that we followed our midwives' recommendation to take the Birth Journey class. We have since recommended Stephanie's class to all of our friends, and will continue to do so for as long as she continues to share her wealth of knowledge and soulfulness with the rest of the world."


Upcoming Class Dates:

3 Hour Zoom Prenatal:

I am currently working on booking a December date, as well as some for early 2021. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested!

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions and space requirements, I am currently unable to offer 12 hour in person group classes. Please consider booking either private or Zoom classes. 



If you are looking for a class, and don't see a date or time that will work for you - please reach out. As these classes fill, or as demand requires, I will create more space for new classes - if there's something you want, let me know!

Fully Customizable Private Classes are also available starting at $40/hour, with package pricing for more hours - please contact me to discuss details

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